7 Mountain Mandate

Transforming society through God's principles and blessing

The 7 Mountain Mandate title comes directly from Johnny Enlow's teaching. He along with Lance Wallnau are two of the most recognized international voices when it comes to the Seven Mountains. Johnny's wife and ministry partner Elizabeth created a workbook that goes alongside a 9 part video series of the same name. Elsewhere on the site I have recommended watching the seminar. It is available for free on the Enlow's Restore7 YouTube channel. Click here to view the entire seminar.

What are the Seven Mountains? 

In general it is the seven major areas of society: Family, Religion, Education, Media, Celebration, Economy and Government. From a Christian perspective one may ask about the Biblical validity of the idea. Revelation 17:9 is one of the clearest references: "...seven mountains on which the woman is seated." The woman referenced in this passage is also known as the "whore of Babylon." In other words, the corrupt system of the world is controlled by the spirit of this age which is the antichrist spirit.

The Christian believer has been content to focus on the mountain of religion for decades and centuries. While we've been preoccupied with getting people to attend church the enemy has been ruling over all seven mountains somewhat unchallenged. Ruling the mountain of religion via the local church is a high priority, but every other mountains must be addressed and influenced by the ways of God, as well.

The Seven Mountain mandate is an effort to reclaim the mountains that are primarily controlled by those with non-biblical values. God's intent is that every area of society reflects how He originally intended it to be. Jesus reminded us of God's plan in the Lord's Prayer, "Your kingdom come. Your will be done here on Earth as it is in Heaven." This is the synopsis of the 7 Mountain movement.

How It All Began

Seven Mountains entered our Christian vernacular because of Campus Crusade for Christ Founder, Bill Bright. He and Loren Cunningham of Youth With a Mission were both separately inspired to pursue this mandate. In 1975, God sovereignly orchestrated a meeting between the two of them. Neither knew the other had the same message from the Lord. Another confirmation of God's intention to bring this to the forefront of the Church was through Francis Schaeffer, Founder of L'Abri. A month after Bright and Cunningham met, Schaeffer had the same revelation.

The above video was originally shared on Os Hillman's Vimeo profile. Hillman is a recognized leader in the Seven Mountain movement.

Over 40 years later, the Seven Mountain Mandate has become a relatively well-known effort in the Body of Christ. Each day more Believers are awakened to the purpose of taking their own mountain of influence. Your Kingdom Come!