About the Economy Mountain

First, let's start off with the guy who grew up at the base of Peter's Mountain in West Virginia. My name is Mark and have been a student of the 7 Mountain Mandate or 7 Mountain Prophecy since the late 2000s. I started this website for a few reasons.

  1. Its what I do. I make websites.
  2. As mentioned I've been highly interested in the subject for quite some time.
  3. I am "called" to the business or economy mountain.
  4. I want this to be a resource for others on this mountain for encouragement and inspiration.

Mark standing on Peter's Mountain in WV.

About the 7 Mountains

The 7 Mountain Prophecy sounds like something from a Tolkien novel and maybe it is. It's also been called Seven Spheres or Seven Cultural Mountains. In short, there are seven main areas of society and God desires that his Kingdom be established on each one: Family, Religion, Education, Media, Celebration, Economy and Government.

The vast majority of what I have personally learned about the Seven Mountains is from Johnny Enlow, restore7.org, and Lance Wallnaulancewallnau.com. I have read, watched and listened to many of their teachings on the subject. Both of these prophetic teachers have a plethora of content about this subject. I highly recommend following them if you are not already.

Before Enlow and Wallnau there was Bright, Cunningham and Schaeffer. That would be Bill Bright founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, Loren Cunningham founder of Youth With a Mission and Francis Schaeffer world-renown theologian. In 1975, they all separately received messages from God about the importance of taking the seven mountains of society back. 

Os Hillman, marketplaceleaders.org, is another accomplished leader in the 7 Mountain movement. The video below is a helpful synopsis of what Hillman calls 7 Cultural Mountains. 

The Mountain of Economy

Hillman believes that the business mountain is the linchpin of our culture. Whoever controls this mountain has major influence over every other mountain. I believe every mountain is equally important, but I understand where Hillman is coming from. Without the finances created in the economy much of society will grind to a halt.

Each mountains plays a part in shaping the culture. The Economy Mountain does effect every person on Earth. God's plan is that it reflects how His economy operates. The website will focus on how that is currently happening and will be happening.

In 2008, Enlow released The Seven Mountain Prophecy: Unveiling the Coming Elijah Revolution. This is the first I really learned of idea of Seven Mountains. The next year he followed that up with The Seven Mountain Mantle: Receiving Joseph's Anointing to Reform Nations. In 2019, Restore7 made the latter teaching available for free on YouTube. Around the time the book was released, Enlow held a seminar in California teaching on the Seven Mountain Mandate. Watching the entire seminar is recommended. I've included the part on the Economy Mountain here. You know the video has been around awhile because it's still in 4x3 format! 🙂