April 29

Shawn Bolz Prophesies Economic Breakthrough for Sri Lanka


The recent Easter Bombings in Sri Lanka were a sad reminder that much of the global Church continues to deal with intense persecution. While we pray with those affected by the attacks, God, as usual, has a redemptive purpose in the midst of tragedy.

Author and prophetic voice Shawn Bolz released an encouraging article via Charisma News concerning God’s restoration plans.

Specifically as it relates to the mountain of economy in Sri Lanka, Bolz had this to share:

I believe God has given this amazing country resources and the ability to process resources like textiles or food. On top of this, God is creating ingenuity for the tech space for creating and engineering in computer science.

I believe there will be a gemstone mountain found in the nation, which will show that this nation has a blessing of natural resources and wealth like gemstones in the land that are untapped, but it will take God’s breakthrough nature to find.

Shawn Bolz

How great is this! I’ll be looking forward to seeing how God fulfills His word and makes good on His promises over Sri Lanka. I especially love the mention of the gemstone mountain. A great prophetic picture of the treasure hidden in the mountains of society. Amen and make it happen!

Continue to pray for the people and Church in Sri Lanka. May every area of their society by transformed by the power of Jesus!

Read the full article here:



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